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  • All Good Things

    It’s not the end of Labyrinth, but it’s the end of my time here. Since July 2012, I’ve been writing two posts a week on student life, stress, education, news, video games, and the occasional song. But it’s time to move on. Other projects are calling, and as I venture further out into the working […]

  • Student Involvement and Stress

    Intersection? Themeception? Call it what you like. Today I expose the ulterior motive of my final run on Labyrinth, our focus on stress management and student involvement is one of the same. Let me put it simply. Getting involved will help relieve your stress. Not, “Will possibly help,” but “Will definitely help.” Today I’m going to […]

  • Exam Stress

    This will be my last exam period writing for Labyrinth, as I finish up at the end of April and hand the reins to Shawn Dickinson, a programmer and Medievalist of no small promise, and generally cool guy. We’ve been talking a lot about student involvement here, and I wanted to get back to stress, […]

  • Archaeology Live!

    So I’m buried in meetings, which is inhibiting my ability to finish the event planning post. In lieu of that, here’s a live version of my Archaeology Song (I am terrible at naming things) at the KW Poetry Slam finals last week. Let me know what you think!    

  • Planning Events

    CMS First, congratulations to Mitch Elvidge and Chris Langlois, who will be the 2013-214 consuls for the Classics and Medieval Studies Student Society! I know you guys will do a job. In the interest of that, and because it’s part of our theme for this term, our next two posts will be about event planning. […]

  • Happy Easter

    Have a bit of history for this holiday Friday!  

  • Social Media for Students

    Last week it was the value of social media for teachers, but this week, students. There’s lots of reasons to be on social media as a student. For one thing, pretty much all your friends are on it. There’s a social cost to not being on Facebook, because it makes you harder to invite to […]

  • Big News About Far Off Places

    You may remember the Italy trip that sadly was cancelled a few months ago? Well, the department is thinking about another, smaller scale trip next year. This time to Greece. Head past the jump to see the message from Dr. Hardiman with the details, and before you look at the dollar figure, know that as […]

  • As Above, So Below

    Last April, during my Master’s degree, I marched into my advisor’s office and said “I need you to talk me out of quitting.” I was burnt out. I’d spent hours working on papers, and didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. I couldn’t see an end to it, and wasn’t even ready to think about […]

  • Not Just in Rome: Celebrating Women in Classics

    Our post about how professors can help you relieve stress will go up on Monday. It’s International Women’s Day today, and that should mean more to classicists than anybody, because we’re familiar with how bad a deal women have traditionally gotten in history. Instead of reading a long post, take the time today to appreciate […]