Classical Studies

Perseus Digital Library
The Perseus Digital Library is a resource for both Greek and Latin texts and also contains dictionaries and images.
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook, put together by Fordham University, is a great resource for (translated) primary sources from Greece, Rome, and the rest of the Ancient World.
L’Année philologique (APh)
L’Année philologique is a very large database of article titles and abstracts from a variety of Classics-related journals.
Byzantium: Byzantine Studies On The Internet
A collection of resources, put together by Fordham University, for studying Byzantine history.
A searchable database of recent article titles of interest to Classicists.
The Ptolemaic Dynasty
A helpful information and resource site about the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
A compilation of categorized links to useful Greek and Latin epigraphical resources compiled by the American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (ASGLE).
A large collection of primary sources, images, and other resources related to Roman history.
Electronic Resources for Classicists: The Second Generation
Ius Civile
Information and resources related to Roman law.
Medicina Antiqua
A site devoted to the study of medicine in the Graeco-Roman world.
Online Companion to The Worlds of Roman Women
Resources for the study of Roman women.
Orbis Latinus Online
A digitized version of the Orbis Latinus, a Latin toponymy resource.
Website Attica
A searchable database of over 10,000 names belonging to Athenian citizens.
A large library of images including manuscripts, paintings, sculptures, architecture, maps, and other works.
Labyrinth Archives
Archives of the original incarnation of Labyrinth (i.e. this site), an “Ezine” that featured Classical and Medieval themed articles written by faculty members and students.