Welcome to Labyrinth! This site is designed to help navigate the twists and turns of Classical and Medieval Studies. Here you will find resources and information meant to help you with your academic, social, and professional paths.

Labyrinth has plenty to offer for Classical and Medieval studies students as well as anyone with an interest in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Latin, or Greek. The site consists of the Labyrinth blog, ThreadForum, a dates and deadlines calendar, Tiresias, academic resources, and information about applying classical and medieval knowledge to the professional world.

The blog is a great source for news, tips, events, media, and all things classical/medieval-themed. ThreadForum is a free question & answer site where you can get an answer to just about any question related to Classics, the Middle Ages, Latin, or Greek. Tiresias is a peer reviewed journal edited and published by students belonging to the Classics & Medieval Society. The academic resource pages contain curated links to useful resources like article databases, primary source databases, bibliographies, information sites, language exercises, and online dictionaries. The professional part of Labyrinth contains information about what a degree in Classical or Medieval Studies actually means and how the study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages relates to the modern world.