Ketos is a set of online exercises that are designed to accompany the textbook Athenaze: an Introduction to Ancient Greek.
Perseus Digital Library
The Perseus Digital Library is a resource for both Greek and Latin texts and also contains dictionaries and images.
Textkit is a compilation of free Latin and Greek texts, grammars, and textbooks.
The Chicago Homer
A searchable database of Early Greek epics.
Greek Language and Linguistics
A helpful website with lessons and other resources pertaining to Greek.
Online Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon
A free online Greek-English lexicon.
Ancient Greek Tutorials
A revised form of Mastronarde’s Ancient Greek Tutorials containing guides, tutorials, practises, and drills.
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
The TLG is a searchable digital library of Greek texts.
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
A lexicon of Greek personal names drawing from a full range of sources from the 8th century to the late Roman Empire.
Prosopographia Ptolemaica
A prosopographical database of all inhabitants in Egypt between 300 and 30 B.C. drawn from Greek, Egyptian, and Latin sources.
Searchable Greek Inscriptions
A searchable database of Greek inscriptions.
Greek Ligatures
A list of common Greek minuscule ligatures.