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  • Winter 2014 Course Selection: Medieval Studies

    Hey everyone! Course selection for Winter 2014 is upon us (for the second time, actually). I strongly encourage everyone to participate in course selection. It helps to ensure you’ll have a seat in the classes you want to take (in case it fills up quickly during enrolment), it increases your chances of being able to […]

  • New School Year, New Labyrinth!

    It’s that time of year again: a new school year is upon us! I’d like to both welcome new students to UW but also welcome back returning students. I hope your first day of lectures is a good one! The start of a school year always brings many changes and this year it’s brought a […]

  • More Video Games!

    Recently Jim wrote a post about his top three video games, which is a funny coincidence since I also wanted to make a post about video games, or rather one game in particular, since an important update is coming soon. A fantastic game that I cannot recommend enough is Crusader Kings II. I want to […]

  • All Good Things

    It’s not the end of Labyrinth, but it’s the end of my time here. Since July 2012, I’ve been writing two posts a week on student life, stress, education, news, video games, and the occasional song. But it’s time to move on. Other projects are calling, and as I venture further out into the working […]

  • For After Finals

    Second last post here on Labyrinth, and I thought “Man, I’ve already wrapped up the theme for this term, and finals are mostly over, so stress is hopefully subsiding. What am I going to write about?” So I thought I’d write about one of my favourite things to do after finals. Namely, videogames.  But in […]

  • Writing Grant Applications

    CMS This is something that student executives only do once or twice a year, but it’s the kind of thing that needs to be done right. Submitting to the Arts Endowment Fund or the Arts Student Union isn’t the same as the submissions you might be sending to SSHRC or OGS if you’re grad school […]

  • Student Involvement and Stress

    Intersection? Themeception? Call it what you like. Today I expose the ulterior motive of my final run on Labyrinth, our focus on stress management and student involvement is one of the same. Let me put it simply. Getting involved will help relieve your stress. Not, “Will possibly help,” but “Will definitely help.” Today I’m going to […]

  • Exam Stress

    This will be my last exam period writing for Labyrinth, as I finish up at the end of April and hand the reins to Shawn Dickinson, a programmer and Medievalist of no small promise, and generally cool guy. We’ve been talking a lot about student involvement here, and I wanted to get back to stress, […]

  • Event Ideas

    CMS Today’s post is just a list of ideas for events that you could run if you were a student executive. I can’t stress enough that not all of these are my ideas. Some of these are events past execs have done, events I’ve heard about, read about, or which emerged from the dark dreaming […]

  • Archaeology Live!

    So I’m buried in meetings, which is inhibiting my ability to finish the event planning post. In lieu of that, here’s a live version of my Archaeology Song (I am terrible at naming things) at the KW Poetry Slam finals last week. Let me know what you think!    

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