New School Year, New Labyrinth!

It’s that time of year again: a new school year is upon us! I’d like to both welcome new students to UW but also welcome back returning students. I hope your first day of lectures is a good one! The start of a school year always brings many changes and this year it’s brought a big change you’ve no doubt already noticed: Labyrinth has undergone a massive redesign.

The new Labyrinth is teeming with new and updated features. Most notably, Labyrinth is now home to ThreadForum, a question & answer site devoted to Classics, Medieval, Latin, and Greek where anyone can ask a question (anonymously, if you wish) and anyone can post an answer. Need help with Greek history? Try ThreadForum. Struggling with -i- stem nouns? Try ThreadForum. The goal of ThreadForum is to help students get answers to their questions and also build up a library of useful answers.

Labyrinth’s resource pages have also been updated. Whether your writing a paper on Alexander the Great or you need some Latin practise, the Labyrinth resource pages are a good place to turn to. Our resources are curated and regularly updated so you’ll always find new and valuable resources. In addition to academic resources, you’ll also find the calendar, which is constantly updated with important dates relevant to Classics, Medieval, and UW in general.

As always, the Labyrinth blog is here for your perusal. The blog will regularly feature news, tips, events, media, and plenty of other Classics/Medieval-themed posts. If you’d like to contribute to the blog, I actively encourage you to do so! It’s now easier than ever to write a post for Labyrinth and the more variety, the better! Have some helpful writing tips? Just got back from an interesting trip? Labyrinth is waiting for your post!

If you have any suggestions for the new Labyrinth, feel free to come talk to me or use the comments below. Labyrinth is all about helping you, the student, as best we can.

Have an excellent first day and an even better fall term! See you around!





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