Winter 2014 Course Selection: Medieval Studies

Hey everyone! Course selection for Winter 2014 is upon us (for the second time, actually). I strongly encourage everyone to participate in course selection. It helps to ensure you’ll have a seat in the classes you want to take (in case it fills up quickly during enrolment), it increases your chances of being able to take the classes you want without scheduling conflicts, and it also shows the department that there is an interest in the course. That being said, I thought I’d say a few things about the upcoming Winter 2014 courses for Medievalists.

HIST/MEDVL 260 – Europe: 310-1303

This is a mandatory course for all Medieval Studies students and builds upon the introduction offered in CLAS/MEDVL 105. Essential for any medievalist, it covers the history of Late Antiquity as well as the Early and High Middle Ages. Note that it also counts as a Medieval-approved History course that can be put towards your “2 from each of 5” requirement or your “10 from 1” requirement (see note 3 on the Undergrad Calendar).

CLAS 352 – Advanced Studies in Roman History

This year the Department of Classical Studies is fortunate to host two research fellows: Dr. Roberta Franchi and Dina Boero. This coming term, Boero will be teaching CLAS 352 with the topic “Pagans & Christianity.” Since she will only be with us for the current academic year, this is the only opportunity to take the course with this topic. If you have any interest in pagans and/or Christianity in Antiquity, I recommend selecting this course.

PHIL 404 – Studies in Medieval Philosophy

Another course that varies in topic, PHIL 404 will be covering “Augustine’s Philosophical Dialogues.” Augustine, one of the Church Fathers and one of the Doctors of the Church, helped form the basis of Medieval theology and philosophy and is a paramount figure in the development of Christianity. His works are discussed in a wide variety of sub-disciplines within Medieval Studies, ranging from philosophy to hermeticism, and were widely read by Medieval scholars. Any Medievalist interested in philosophy, theology, patristics, or any sub-discipline which touches upon his works is encouraged to take this course.

Other Courses of Note

  • CLAS 202 – Roman Society
  • HIST 235/RS 240 – History of Christianity
  • CLAS/HIST 252 -Roman History
  • HIST 262 – Early Modern Europe
  • CLAS 325/RS 315 – Greek & Roman Religion
  • HIST 347 – Witches, Wives, and Whores
  • FR 410 – Medieval French Literature






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