Shut Pie-hole Quickly, Rapscallion

I was going to talk about serious things today, about how to motivate people and get them on board with projects, that sort of thing. But then I remembered it’s the Friday before reading week, and you don’t need any more load on your brain as you retire from classes for a week to diligently work on assignments and study hard for exams while listening to bomb-ass thrash metal at a reasonable volume. That’s how I spent all my reading weeks, anyway. That is a lie.

Still, you should probably learn something before a week devoid of studying and no doubt filled with debaucheries that would make Caligula blush, so check out Crash Course, a web series I’ve been following. They did some great videos on ancient and medieval history as part of their World History series, and I’m also loving their current work on American history. It’s run by John and Hank Green, who are the definition of awesome. Here’s their video on the Roman Republic.

Learning complete! Enjoy your reading week!






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