Welcome Back

Welcome back from your holidays. I hope they were wonderful and restful. Mine were a little of both. You’ve got a term full of courses to get ready for, so I’m not going to drop any heavy science on you today. This term we’ll be talking more about Tiresias, as well as about the Classics Student Society, particularly about how it works, and how to get involved. We’ll have more guest posts from students about student life, and I’ll hopefully finish up that Latin song I’ve been working on, as well as re-recording a few other ones. I got a microphone for Christmas. From…Well, from me. Welcome to the life of the lone wolf academic.


Anyway, I hope you have a great term. Leave a comment below about what you hope to do this term, and what you’re most worried about. If it’s within our power, Labyrinth is here to help. Now watch this video of a penguin falling over.






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