CMS Bonfire

Salvete et χαιρετε!

My name is Kyle and I am one of three Student Consuls of the Classical and Medieval Society. We recently held our first ever CMS Bonfire event, and I’d love to share with you its success!

The University has three fire pits that students may use, though most departments unfortunately do not even think of using them – Generally, it is the larger student societies such as the Women’s Centre and the GLOW Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity (both run by FEDs) that will hold bonfire events. This year, however, I wanted to change this. So, I brought the idea to the table, and with Jocelyn’s spectacular help in organizing it, we held our first-ever CMS Bonfire!

Despite the rain hampering our spirits during the day, by the time evening rolled around, the weather was perfect– not a drop of rain was falling. Jocelyn brought perfect kindling wood, so the fire was able to start sine mora (without delay). Now, this wasn’t a simple bonfire – Not only did we have marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate, but Trevor also brought his fiddle and played a number of pieces for us!

According to the students who attended, it was a great event and is something that people would want to see again in the CMS Agenda, so watch out future Classicists and Medievalists for our second CMS Bonfire event in the future!

Valete και χαιρετε!

Kyle Campbell is a senior student in Classical Studies and Biomedical Sciences, and serves as an executive in the Classical and Medieval Studies Student Society. Recently he returned from a four month placement at Canadian Institute in Greece, where he assisted top researchers in the field of Greek History and archaeology. 






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