Second last post here on Labyrinth, and I thought “Man, I’ve already wrapped up the theme for this term, and finals are mostly over, so stress is hopefully subsiding. What am I going to write about?” So I thought I’d write about one of my favourite things to do after finals. Namely, videogames.  But in keeping with the theme, here are my top 3 favourite medieval or classical themed videogames to unwind with after finals. Conquer civilizations, care for your people, or fight steel to steel, it’s all here. Not depicted here are fantasy games, which you can tell apart from historical ones by the presence of unicorns.

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Our post about how professors can help you relieve stress will go up on Monday. It’s International Women’s Day today, and that should mean more to classicists than anybody, because we’re familiar with how bad a deal women have traditionally gotten in history. Instead of reading a long post, take the time today to appreciate the women in your life. And also in the department. Our chair, Dr. Sheila Ager, works really hard at the helm of the department, wrangling administrators and making sure that you get the best experience possible. Prof. Christina Vester, our undergraduate advisor, is always there for students, and is responsible for the push that Labyrinth got to get started. And we can’t forget about Brigitte Schneebeli, without whom the entire department would burn to the ground. There are all kinds of awesome people out there, so take the time to let them know.  Here are some articles that will hopefully inspire you today.

15 Interesting Women of Ancient Rome

Listverse takes a look at some pretty amazing historical women.

7 Easy Ways to Make an Impact on International Women’s Day

Find out how you can help fight the good fight and celebrate women today.

Now I’m off to help at least one lady conquer the world. See you next week!

Jim Tigwell knows a disproportionate number of women bent on world domination. To secure a place in their regime, contact him on Twitter.