You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. That’s what they say, anyway. But as someone with little to no experience leading horses, I’m not convinced I could get it there. When I asked a CMS exec what they wish they knew, if they could go back and do it all over again, they had one answer. “How do I get students more involved?” A noble endeavour. There’s a lot of answers to that question. I’m going to share a three today and three next week, and in the process expose the secrets of Labyrinth. I’m rather looking forward to it.  Continue reading

You read it. The elephant in the room when it comes to university, especially official university serious business blogging (which Labyrinth totally is). Stress. Student life is stressful. You’ve got exams and essays, application deadlines, grades to keep up, assignments to do, and that’s before getting into anything to do with extracurriculars, money, work, or your family. Did I mention the giant pile of student debt you’re statistically likely to have? Or the uncertainty of your future? The girl/guy you met in class that one time and then saw later who might be into you but you can’t tell and don’t want to ask because it might wreck things? How about the deep existential fear that all of this is just a meaningless waste of time and you’re going through the motions until you grow old alone, get a bunch of cats, and die after a completely unremarkable life?

It’s stressful. But we get through it. This term on Labyrinth, we’re going to go over some of the ways that students manage stress. Today I want to talk about some of the resources that are available to you.  Continue reading

If you’re here, you know about CMS, the Classical and Medieval Studies Student Society. No, they don’t use all the letters, because that would give everyone a headache. You probably know one or more of the current executives, Jocelyn, Kyle, and Sydney. Maybe you were one in the past, like me. If you’re majoring or minoring in Classical or Medieval Studies, you’re a member, and they’re your representatives. Part of your student fees go toward funding the society’s activities. So what does CMS do? I’ll tell you.  Continue reading


It’s been a while since one of these. There’s been a lot of other things going on, so we haven’t had room. The Richard III results aren’t in yet, so I won’t talk about that. But there have been a lot of cool discoveries in the field,  mostly relating to treasure. Let’s face it, nothing glitters like gold, no matter what the Lord of the Rings tells you.  Continue reading

It’s the last day of the first week of the rest of the term, which is another way of saying that you’ve got a long road ahead of you. Not to worry, Labyrinth and I are here to celebrate the good and do our best to fix the bad. Today I’ve got a list of some great opportunities coming up this term. Some of them you can do now, and some of them should stay on the back burner of your brain. Go past the jump to learn about just some of the interesting opportunities you have this term.

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Welcome back from your holidays. I hope they were wonderful and restful. Mine were a little of both. You’ve got a term full of courses to get ready for, so I’m not going to drop any heavy science on you today. This term we’ll be talking more about Tiresias, as well as about the Classics Student Society, particularly about how it works, and how to get involved. We’ll have more guest posts from students about student life, and I’ll hopefully finish up that Latin song I’ve been working on, as well as re-recording a few other ones. I got a microphone for Christmas. From…Well, from me. Welcome to the life of the lone wolf academic.


Anyway, I hope you have a great term. Leave a comment below about what you hope to do this term, and what you’re most worried about. If it’s within our power, Labyrinth is here to help. Now watch this video of a penguin falling over.