Recently Jim wrote a post about his top three video games, which is a funny coincidence since I also wanted to make a post about video games, or rather one game in particular, since an important update is coming soon. A fantastic game that I cannot recommend enough is Crusader Kings II. I want to talk a bit about what CKII is and why it’s awesome before I explain why May 28 is an important date. Continue reading

Second last post here on Labyrinth, and I thought “Man, I’ve already wrapped up the theme for this term, and finals are mostly over, so stress is hopefully subsiding. What am I going to write about?” So I thought I’d write about one of my favourite things to do after finals. Namely, videogames.  But in keeping with the theme, here are my top 3 favourite medieval or classical themed videogames to unwind with after finals. Conquer civilizations, care for your people, or fight steel to steel, it’s all here. Not depicted here are fantasy games, which you can tell apart from historical ones by the presence of unicorns.

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