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  • Event Ideas

    CMS Today’s post is just a list of ideas for events that you could run if you were a student executive. I can’t stress enough that not all of these are my ideas. Some of these are events past execs have done, events I’ve heard about, read about, or which emerged from the dark dreaming […]

  • Planning Events

    CMS First, congratulations to Mitch Elvidge and Chris Langlois, who will be the 2013-214 consuls for the Classics and Medieval Studies Student Society! I know you guys will do a job. In the interest of that, and because it’s part of our theme for this term, our next two posts will be about event planning. […]

  • The 2 Best Ways to Build Your Events

    CMS First off, welcome back from reading week! I hope you spent it sequestered in your lair, poring over your text books and ensuring your readiness for the finals which loom ever closer, rather than having fun, hanging out, or visiting places that are totally rad. None of that is true. A month ago, I […]

  • Events

    Resources I know you’ve got a busy term lined up, but I’m about to make it busier, I hope. You’ve got classes, readings, and assignments, but there’s a lot of other things going on at the university. I’m going to make you aware of them, and you should go. University is an educational experience, and […]