Category: Advice

  • Writing Grant Applications

    CMS This is something that student executives only do once or twice a year, but it’s the kind of thing that needs to be done right. Submitting to the Arts Endowment Fund or the Arts Student Union isn’t the same as the submissions you might be sending to SSHRC or OGS if you’re grad school […]

  • Bother Your Professors

    This is the post your professors and TAs don’t want you to read. Only they do. Let me sum it up in one sentence. Bother your professors. And your TAs. When you get an assignment back, whether you like the grade or not, go and bother them. Ask about their feedback, get more feedback, and […]

  • Budgeting for Major Trips

    For those who know me you know that travel is among my favourite pass times. For those of you who don’t I am an avid adventurer and world traveler. I am trying my best to see as much of the world as I can. This is a real challenge though, for years I have been […]

  • Student Government Will Make You a Rap Star

    CMS One of the major jobs of the Classics and Medieval Studies Student Society is being a part of the Arts Student Union (warning, acronyms ahead). It involves going to a meeting every two weeks where there’s discussion, votes, process, and usually pizza. It’s not a lot of work, but it’s work worth doing, for […]

  • Getting By With a Little Help From Your Friends

    Gaze upon our newfound glory! Truly we are a gorgeous beast now. The new design is the work of Shawn Dickinson who, in addition to being awesome with web design, will be taking over for me as editor in chief (and writer) at the end of April, when I will frolic off to other pastures. […]

  • Counselling

    The best one-stop shop on campus for stress management is definitely Counselling Services. Whether it’s your deadlines weighing you down, a new term looming ahead, relationship trouble, work, or problems at home, they’re here for you. They serve students, staff, and faculty, and have offices all over campus, including in residence, as well as the […]

  • Stress

    You read it. The elephant in the room when it comes to university, especially official university serious business blogging (which Labyrinth totally is). Stress. Student life is stressful. You’ve got exams and essays, application deadlines, grades to keep up, assignments to do, and that’s before getting into anything to do with extracurriculars, money, work, or […]